sport fields:

Nowadays, sports is one of the things that many people deal with and many people are known as professional athletes in various fields of sports.
Exercise has a great effect on a person's body and soul, so you should always include exercise in your life plan to help your body and soul health.
Since ancient times, there have been various sports in the world in different ways, many of which have either changed or disappeared over time.
Sports such as movement, marksmanship, combat, riding, group, water, intellectual, etc., are sports that each have subsets and each has fans in turn.
In the sports club, there are many sports for both men and women to choose from.
Among the sports offered for women in this club are:
1. Aerobic exercises
2. TRX
3. Rotation
4. Crossfit
5. Pneumatic pump
6. Paracel
7. Body building
8. Pilates
9. Aerobics
10. He mentioned yoga and... 
and also sports for men such as:
1. Physical weakness
2. Boxing kit
3. Karate

4. Crossfit is available.